Your Space, Your Platform

We understand the limitations to express yourself fully with the pre-set platform and its functions. At b.stage, you can customize your own platform upon your interest, name it, and start communicating with your fans directly.

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Business intel to tailor your service

b.stage business intelligence is a smart tool for you to understand your fans and their behaviors to customize the features and services to meet their interests.

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Increase Monetization and Brand Value Together

On b.stage, global e-commerce is ready for you with easy global payment integration and logistics services. In addition, your content is the primary asset for a sustainable income now.

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A truly all-in-one solution.

There are so many platforms and solutions available, but we know you’ve always hoped for a place all your favorite solutions together. b.stage has been designed from the ground up “for the first time in the world” to deliver what you ever wanted – putting everything together in one place.

  • Off-platform Monetization
  • Membership & Donation
  • E-commerce
  • Business Intelligence
  • Fan Interactions
  • NFTs & Social Tokens
  • Cross-border Shipment & Payment
  • Merchandising
  • Fintech
  • Content Creation
  • Service Management
  • Ad Platforms

Partnering with the leaders of various industries

Imagination turns into Reality on your b.stage now.

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